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Susan’s business law practice focuses on formation and compliance, succession planning, sales and acquisitions, and other transactional matters. Susan has formed and counseled business entities of varying sizes and purposes, from both closely‐held family enterprises to 501(c)(3) nonprofit public benefit organizations to project‐specific vehicles for asset protection purposes. With experienced and timely counsel, Susan guides her clients through the ups and downs of operating a business to keep the clients’ focus and efforts on growing the business. Read more about Susan here. Contact Susan at

Estate Planning for Special Needs

A sound, up-to-date estate plan is important for virtually every adult, but it is absolutely essential if you have loved ones with special needs.  Chances are, there is or will be someone in your family who will need long-term help managing finances and/or personal care.  Many individuals with special needs will be financially dependent on others for their entire lives.  That could be as long as 70 years for a child whose life expectancy is not affected by the condition [...]

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What Does “Suspended Entity” Mean in California

Too many California business owners and nonprofit operators are unaware of the devastating effects of being suspended by the Secretary of State (SOS) or the Franchise Tax Board (FTB).  Many continue to operate for years without realizing their suspended or disqualified status until it becomes an unexpected roadblock at the most opportune time – perhaps while applying for a new business loan, reaching the end of a months-long negotiation process with a big client, or duking it out in court [...]

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23-Year Old Beneficiary Designation Defeats Recent Will

Your ex-wife or ex-husband can inherit your life insurance proceeds if you fail to update your beneficiary designation prior to death – even if your Will explicitly states that you do not want your ex-spouse to inherit anything from you in any way, shape, or form after you die.  How can this be?  Shouldn’t your express written desire to cut off your ex-spouse from your estate be honored? While this end result may offend your common sense, distribution of life [...]

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The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and Your Business

If you’re like me, you spent the last month scouring the Internet for information on the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, but only as it is relevant to you and your business.  Let’s be honest – when new tax laws come around, your first thought is: “how does this affect me?” If you’re like me, you discovered an ever-growing mountain of articles, charts, and thoughts on the new Act.  Like Goldilocks, I found most to be problematic: some were too [...]

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Estate Planning for Blended Families

As we head into the busy holiday season when we focus on our families and loved ones, take a step back to consider this: do you have everything in place to ensure that your loved ones are cared for in your sudden absence?  Planning in advance for incapacity and death is crucial for everyone, but especially for blended families where the concept of “yours, mine and ours” may not be as clear. For those who are divorced or widowed and [...]

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Choice of Business Entities: A Primer

By: S. Susan King Selecting the right type of legal entity for your business requires careful consideration of many factors that may carry different weight, depending on your specific facts and circumstances.  This article provides an overview of the most common types of business entities used today and draws comparisons among those entities based on a few select considerations with the broadest application.  In other words, please do not rely on the information presented in this article alone to determine [...]

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No Day But Today

By: S. Susan King“I don’t need estate planning because I don’t have a lot of assets.” “I’ve been meaning to make an estate plan but just haven’t gotten around to it.” “I don’t want to think about my health care decisions right now.” These are the three most common reasons that I hear from people who do not yet have an estate plan.  I relate to each response because I have used them myself to delay making an estate plan [...]

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